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Apex Roofing Repair

Maintaining your residential roofing system in good condition is essential for keeping your home safe and protected. Over time, a roof can become damaged due to storm weather, age, or general wear and tear, and when that happens, it can be difficult to know what to do. The best course of action is to hire an Apex roofing repair job specialist to assess the damage and make the necessary repairs. When searching for a roofing repair company, it’s important to make sure they use the highest quality materials, have insurance, and 10+ years of job experience in residential roofing. Ask for references, we highly recommend you look at reviews, and make sure they are fully job-compliant with the latest building regulations. Once you call us, one of our certified restoration experts will visit your property to perform a 25-point restoration inspection and discuss the best options after reviewing what we find in the process.

Most Common Roofing Causes For Repair:

Missing or broken shingles, leaks, and holes caused by large broken branches or debris. Depending on the severity of the damage, we may be able to make minor repairs, or we may need to replace the entire roof. In either case, our professional company will be able to advise you on the best course of action. When it comes to roof restoration, it’s important to act quickly and efficiently.

Roofing Contractor Pipe Boots


Pipe boots leaking is a common issue in many homes. Pipe boots are the rubber seals around pipes that help keep water from leaking into other areas of the building. They are often used in places like the attic or crawl space, where water can easily seep in and cause major moisture issues. While pipe boots are designed to be airtight, over time and exposure to the elements, they can become worn and cracked, leading to water leaks. Spotting a leaking pipe boot can be difficult, but there are several signs you should look for. Our customers enjoy our honest assessment as we determine if the boots are failing by inspection of wet patches on the ceiling or walls near the pipes. Request a free consultation for Apex roofing.

Mold and mildew prevention:

If you suspect a leak, phone us to identify the source and request a price estimate to repair the problem. The first step we take when dealing with a leaking pipe boot is to address the seal. One of our team members will check to see if there are any cracks or tears in the seal.


Stopping Leaks

If the seal looks worn or damaged, it’s likely that it’s the cause of the leak. If the seal looks intact, then, as per industry standards, we will check for other sources of the leak.

Chimney flashing repair costs $200 to $500 to fix and reseal. The average cost to replace chimney flashing is $300 to $1,500, depending on the chimney type.


Chimney Leaks

Roofing And Chimney

Chimneys are an integral part of the home or business commercial property, responsible for venting smoke and other byproducts from the heat source. Unfortunately, due to their age and exposure to the elements, chimneys are prone to leaking. If left unchecked, these leaks can cause serious water issues to the structure and even pose a health risk. Here’s what you need to know about chimney leaks and how to prevent them. The first step to preventing chimney leaks is to have a roofing company inspect the chimney regularly. The roofing crew will for any signs of cracking, crumbling, or damage to the mortar, bricks, and other materials.

Flashing Around Chimney

We highly recommend paying close attention to the flashing around the chimney, which should be inspected for corrosion or warping. If any of these issues are present, contact our family-owned business for repairs. In some cases, chimney leaks may be caused by a buildup of creosote, which is the residue left behind from the burning of wood. Creosote can build up over time, leading to blockages and water seeping into the chimney. To prevent this, schedule regular chimney cleanings with an Apex chimney sweep company and have any creosote buildup removed. Another common cause of chimney leaks is a damaged chimney cap.

Apex Roofing And Flashing

Flashing is a vital part of any roofing system, because it helps to protect the roof from water infiltration, and can prevent costly damage to the structure. Flashing is typically made from metal, such as galvanized steel, copper, or aluminum. It is installed on a new roof around the edges of the roof, along joints and transitions, and around any protrusions, such as chimneys and skylights.

The flashing helps to seal and waterproof these areas, ensuring that moisture does not get in and cause damage. Insurance companies may or my not compensate for flashing. The installation of flashing is a service that is performed on every roof replacement we do.

During the installation process in Apex, NC, our professional will ensure that the flashing is properly sealed, and that it is securely fastened. It is also important to service the flashing periodically to make sure that it is still in good condition. In addition to protecting from water infiltration, the integrity of the flashing can also help to reduce the amount of heat that is transferred into the building. This can result in energy savings, as the flashing acts as an insulating barrier.

Our Specialty

How To Determine The Right Decking Materials

When it comes to choosing the right decking material and contractor, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, with our roofing services, we will consider the weight, as heavier shingles will put more stress on the roof structure. Our Apex roofing crew will also consider the type of roof you have – flat, pitched or domed – as different styles are better suited to different types of roofs. The next step is to make sure the decking is properly installed and to determine if its something covered by your insurance.


Roofing Contractor Shingle Repair

Shingles are a great way to protect your home from the elements, but if they are not properly cared for and maintained, they can become damaged and require repair or replacement. When it comes to shingle repair, our crew will perform an inspection to first identify the problem and then complete the project professionally. Common causes of shingle leaks include high winds, hail, and ice dams. If these are the cause of your shingles leaking, then you should rely upon our expertise as soon as possible. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Snow Certified

In addition, if you live in an area where we sometimes get snow, like Apex NC. then call for inspection of ice dams. We recommended a home inspection to address any issues and remove the build-up immediately. Once our trained team member has identified the cause and replaced the items needed we will submit a warranty. All work is guaranteed and comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee. all work and installation are generally finished in 1 day.

How to Prevent Apex Roofing Leaks Before they Become Big Problems

Shingle leaks can be a major headache for homeowners. Work to replace a roof can be very costly, so it makes sense to take steps to protect your roof’s foundation and perform preventive maintenance. Here are some tips to help you keep your roof in good condition. Trust your home to a certified roofing company and have regular inspections done. It’s important to have inspections done—at least twice a year—to look for any signs such as missing or broken shingles, cracked tiles, or loose flashing. If the inspection uncovers any gutter issues, request to have it repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage. We advise our customers to keep their trees and shrubs trimmed.

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