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Labor Warranty

Workmanship Labor Warranty

Roofing Design Company has offered 1-Year, 2-Year, 5-Year & 10-Year labor workmanship warranties on complete roof replacements since 1995. We also offer on our new GAF roofs a 25-Year Labor Workmanship Warranty through the Golden Pledge program. Call our office for more details

Roofing Design Company warrants to the original purchaser that under the conditions described in this agreement the work performed for the homeowner issued this warranty will be free from leakage through the roof due to defective workmanship for the period, starting from the completion date. This Warranty covers only the specific work described in our contract with you. If within the Warranty Period moisture leakage occurs through the roof due to our defective workmanship, we will repair the subject roofing at our expense or refund the cost of only that specific item of roofing material and labor related to that item (i.e. only defective portion of job – not entire contract) as we in our discretion shall deem to be required.

This Warranty does not apply to:

  1. Damage to the roof due to causes beyond normal use and service including, but not limited to acts of God, falling objects, misuse of the roof, vandalism, maintenance.

  2. Any damage or injury to persons or property caused directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by:

  3. Any fungus(es) including, but not limited to, any type or form of mold, mushroom or mildew

  4. Spore(s) means any reproductive body produced by or arising out of any fungus(es):

  5. Any substance, vapor or gas produced by or arising out of any fungus(es);

  6. Any material, product, building component, building or structure that contains, harbors, or acts as a medium for any fungus(es) or spore(s)

  7. Any moisture condensation; however, caused including, but not limited to, roof leakage

  8. Damage caused by settlement of other structural problems.

  9. Leakage due to “Ice-Dam” except through the specific locations where an ice dam protection membrane has been installed by Scro's Roofing Company.

  10. Leakage due to the rotted siding on walls, wood trim, window sills, fascia boards, etc. or through a masonry chimney cracks and issues above the top of flashing.

  11. Direct or consequential damage to any property, real or personal, other than the repair of the subject roofing or partial refund cost as mentioned above.

  12. Homeowner, other roofing companies/contractors, etc., or anyone other than a representative/employee of Scro's Roofing Company preforms, alters, or attempts any repairs before Scro's Roofing Company is allowed to remedy the problem this warranty will be null and void and Scro's Roofing Company will not be held liable for damage to the roof or property of homeowner.


Issues That May Void Our Workmanship Labor Warranty:

  1. Other contractors that may cause damage to your new roof that could result in a voided workmanship labor warranty (i.e an example list of contractors: painting contractors, carpentry contractors, gutter contractors, power washing contractors, window and siding contractors, HVAC mechanical contractors, plumbing contractors, and /or general contractors.)

  2. Scro's Roofing Company labor warranty may be voided if the customer does not provide yearly and regular home maintenance to the roof, gutters, downspouts, wood rotted siding, trim, painting, caulking, sealing masonry brick, etc. Making sure the roof and gutters are always free from debris is absolutely mandatory. We require you to have your roof inspected once every two years or after any major storm with high winds, hail or heavy rainfall that can possibly damage your new roof. We also recommend periodic inspections of masonry chimney walls to ensure that all caulking on counter flashing remains in good and working condition.

  3. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify Scro's Roofing Companyimmediately once a roof starts leaking. Damage to the interior of a home may not be covered, as this indicates a long-term leak. Also, if, once Scro's Roofing Company starts to repair the roof under warranty, and we realize the damage to the roof is not due to a defect in workmanship, the customer may be responsible for the costs associated with the roof repair and no further repairs will be conducted under warranty.

Transfer of Workmanship Labor Warranty:

  1. A new buyer of a home that we installed a new roof on may contact us to transfer the Workmanship Labor Warranty to their name for an additional fee.

  2. The new homeowner must read, understand and sign our General Terms and Conditions for new roof care and maintenance.

  3. The new roof must have been installed after January 1st, 2012 and still under our original contract stated Workmanship Labor Warranty period.

  4. A full FREE Roof Inspection must be completed prior to transferring a Workmanship Labor Warranty to the next owner.

  5. Every roof is different so please call our office (919) 551-5104 for more information, details, and specifics with your roof.